I wish my love life was a Filipino love story

I’ve been stuck at home recovering from surgery for about a few weeks now and I have run out of things to watch. I was surfing through Amazon Prime movies for something to watch and a Filipino movie came up. Filipino movies are mushy, corny love stories where one is fighting for the other to make the relationship work and they are definitely tear jerkers. Grab a box of tissue if you will. So for two days, I did a marathon of filipino movies. I had nothing else to watch and besides I could use a little help with my Tagalog.

I wish my love life would be like a filipino love story, but no, no guy has ever loved me enough to fight for me. I’m usually the one who likes the other person more, then things would turn ugly and then I am usually the one who ends up leaving the guy for whatever reason it might be. In all my relationships, there was only one that I thought could be the one, Mitch. But unfortunately he wanted to focus on his career so we had to part ways.

I wonder if I would have to live in the Philippines just to experience that type of relationship? The one where guy fights and chases after the girl to make things work because he loves her so much that he doesn’t want to lose her. I’m sorry to say buy guys here, at least in my generation, know that they have a lot of options and are never satisfied with what they have in front of them, even if it is the best thing that they ever had. I don’t know if the guys in the Philippines are like the ones in the movies, but maybe? One can only dream.

Right now my love life is nonexistent, not that I’m looking for anything and I always say that I am happy and content with my life, I really am. I am still looking for a companion, not actively though. I just know I am done with the online dating thing, for good! For now I will just stick to my filipino movies and dream about the one day that some guy will sweep me off my feet and if ever, fight for me and our love. Off to filipino dream land I go.


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