Better late than never

A lot of good things have been happening and I have my surgery to thank for that. I feel like it’s been a month, if not more, since my surgery when it has only been three weeks. The last three weeks has really been a blessing considering everything that I have gone through. The first week I was home, my mom stayed with me and … Continue reading Better late than never

I wish my love life was a Filipino love story

I’ve been stuck at home recovering from surgery for about a few weeks now and I have run out of things to watch. I was surfing through Amazon Prime movies for something to watch and a Filipino movie came up. Filipino movies are mushy, corny love stories where one is fighting for the other to make the relationship work and they are definitely tear jerkers. … Continue reading I wish my love life was a Filipino love story

Phases of life

Being in recovery mode for the past few weeks and have nothing to do but binge watch TV show and think endlessly about everything. The one thing that has been running around in my mind is that certain people become a part of your life and then at some point that comes to an end. When I was little, I grew up with my cousins. … Continue reading Phases of life