Self Image

During my early 20’s and even early 30’s I was still skinny and weighed about 130 pounds. I fit into everything nicely and I wasn’t as conscious about my body as I am now. I still cared about what I wore, nice, classy, dressed appropriately to whatever occasion I went to. When I started taking meds in 2016, one of the side effects of nearly … Continue reading Self Image

Working out at home with pets

So before COVID-19, I started working out. I tried Barre for a couple of months. I stopped because I wasn’t getting results fast enough. I attempted at Crossfit and boy did I fail! Miserably! I did the 1 week trial just to see if I could 1) Do it, and 2) If I could stick with it. The first night was called Crossfit Training. Keyword: … Continue reading Working out at home with pets