meds… helpful or harmful? that is the question

A couple of years ago, I had a concussion and had to be put on meds to help get me back to normal and control migraines. One was to reset the neurotransmitters in my brain or something like that and the other was to help control the migraines from becoming so severe. That was on top of other medications I was on for other things that I will not go into detail with. Yes, many people have their opinions about not taking meds and you should let your body take care of itself naturally or something along those lines. But… what if you really needed it? I mean, I’ve been a sickly kid my entire life. Not that it rules my life or anything but sometimes, in my case, the meds were needed. And it’s not like I wanted to be on them… I hate taking meds, I have trouble swallowing the smallest pills!

Anyway back to the original topic… so last year, I was told to stop taking the heavy meds and only use the back up for the headaches. Almost the same time, I stopped all other meds I was on. It’s been about a year now and I’ve noticed a change in me… as in I can’t process emotions, situations, and whatnot like I used to. Almost as if my brain and body hit a RESET ALL button. (I was only on the concussion meds for a year). So now I think I actually have to go see my neurologist again and figure things out… In the mean time, hopefully I can GET A GRIP and stay calm and try not to hit my head again.

Side Note – that concussion has affected my memory… I usually had a pretty good memory… these days people are telling me stuff that I normally would have remembered but don’t.


clumsy, not fragile

A common misconception that people have about me… Yes I am clumsy, and weird, strange, emotional, and crazy sometimes but one thing I’m not is FRAGILE! People think that because I have a tendency to fall and hurt myself and cry like a baby with the smallest cuts or bruises and I wear my heart on my sleeve. On the flip side of that, I get a broken bone or blood gushing out and I’m like, nah its nothing, I’ll be fine. I grew up close to my brother whose hobby is some form of martial arts and he would show me a few moves. I took self defense classes as a kid. I’m not saying I have a black belt or anything but I can throw a few good kicks and punches. I’m sporty so I’m not afraid to fight and roll around if the situation called for it. I also grew up close to my dad, he taught me to fix things around the house… I’m my own handy man. So pretty much I can take care of myself which is something I am proud of. Mess with me and I will bite back! You have been warned!!! Maniacal laugh… mwaaahahahaha


And yes, people have told me that its just because they are worried about me… so thank you


It’s a beautiful day according to Michael Buble

Well it definitely is a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling. Even though I woke up tired, I’m just in an all ar16ound good mood. So it seems that I am fully recovered from last week’s disasters… haha still can’t run properly but getting there… work is work, doing an escape room tonight with friends… and a weekend of fun to look forward to; parents birthdays, brother flying into town, Easter Sunday… How can I possibly stop smiling? Carry on with the song… “It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing…” come on sing with me!!!

**yes this is an old picture… probably two years ago if not more**

rewind and fast forward

So I haven’t been able to write as much as I wanted to… but that’s what happens when you have a crazy schedule and a crazy big family… it’s ok I love em and it makes life fun


One, Two, Punch of a weekend – two weeks ago – first it was my grandma’s 84th birthday party. Had fun making pom poms from scratch… luckily my cats and dog didn’t tear them apart. We have 4 generations going right now and she is the rock of the family. The following day was my god daughter’s 3rd birthday party! Birthday party at the park. Perfect day, no rain, another day of eating such good food! An11951493_10209283178582216_2110444296085262773_od to top it all off, the third day was my god daughter’s actual birthday so we went to DISNEYLAND!!! It was crowded for a Monday but there were several events going on. There were radio stations from all over the place broadcasting live. But regardless, we had fun! And And And, do you remember the “Electrical Parade” waaaay back when? and they took it out… but but but… now they have what’s called “Paint the Night”Parade. They brought it baaaaacccckkk!!! THE ELECTRICAL PARADE IS BAAAACCCKKKK!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! yes I have turned into a little girl (squeal)… but but but the memories!!!

I took soooo many pictures in one weekend I ended up getting a good workout on my arms. 😛

Fast Forward

So went back to work on Tuesday… and I ended up getting food poisoning Wednesday night. Okay. So I’ve gotten food poisoning before but I’ve never had it this bad… Severe stomach pains, I couldn’t even stand up straight. Violent vomiting… Fever and chills and everything else associated with food poisoning. Was still really sick for the next couple of days… coworkers said I looked pale, couldn’t function at all… Had to go home both days (Thursday and Friday). Mochi was a trooper and was kind enough to keep me warm and slept next to me. I Finally started feeling better (or so I thought) on Saturday so I decided to be girly and get my nails done and minor shopping… a nice treat after being sick for 5 days. Sunday comes around and I’m doing my normal sound tech stuff at church and one time I ran into, or at least tried to get into the sound booth in a hurry, I tripped and tweaked my ankle… HAHA nice way to top off this sickly week right?!?! That’s a clumsy girl for ya!

And now back to 100% normal I think considering I had a poke bowl for dinner.

i can’t be clumsy enough!

so the other day i grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and as i opened it, i didn’t see a sharp edge sticking out… of course i got cut on my hand… stings!!! yes I am a baby when it comes to the little tiny cuts… but it hurts!!! <– such a baby!

IMAG1243maybe an hour later i got to work and had the same water bottle… id-jot me forgot about the sharp edge and cut my hand again, not to mention the same spot but deeper and longer… 😥 looks like it’s healing from the picture but the inside feels like its still not healed properly… having a hard time playing the piano…

yesterday, I was working on someone else’s computer and managed to run over my foot with the chair…

oh and then this morning I decided to hit the metal shower door with my wrist and now have a bruise… and throughout the course of the morning have managed to bang my knees and shin on my desk at work… someone help me!

friends that are not just friends

we get waves of people who walk in and out of our lives pretty much on a daily basis… and you get the ones that stick around… i’m talking pretty much you can’t get rid of them no matter how hard you try… not that i would… but the memories of the good, the bad, and the ugliness of life, we know each other inside and out.


one who can feel the urgency of a matter through a text (lives in Canada) and still iron out the chaos going through my mind… and not see each other for a year minimum but when we do meet up its soooo much fun chaos that we bring to world. we could be screaming talking and still understand each other… I MISS YOU!


IMG_1617and the other who has always been a shoulder to cry on, encourager, one who’s seen me in every different situation that i normally wouldn’t easily reveal to others and at the same time enjoy the good things in life and learn from each other… monthly, maybe now 2x a month sushi and sake nights and throw in learning to play songs together… violin and piano… lets see how we do


I love you guys and I don’t know what I would do without you!

dilemma with fruits

i love fruits! who doesn’t? they’re yummy and healthy… so spring is around the corner orangeand some fruits are coming into season. so i buy the fruits with plans of eating them of course but… call me spoiled or lazy or both even… if i have to peel them or cut them down to size or whatever, I’m more likely to forget about it and let it sit in the fridge…

Last week, my boss gave my mom and i some fruits from her orange grove up north… delicious i tell you… I cut up two and ate it for dinner one night and the rest stayed in the fridge, for the time being until i felt like cutting or peeling them. I finally decided to prep them so i could just go in the fridge and pick at it as a snack… but back to forgetting… come on! they’re already cut, I just have to eat em… i brought it to work and ate about i’m guessing two and half oranges… and the result… is my tower of orange peels :