i can’t be clumsy enough!

so the other day i grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and as i opened it, i didn’t see a sharp edge sticking out… of course i got cut on my hand… stings!!! yes I am a baby when it comes to the little tiny cuts… but it hurts!!! <– such a baby!

IMAG1243maybe an hour later i got to work and had the same water bottle… id-jot me forgot about the sharp edge and cut my hand again, not to mention the same spot but deeper and longer… 😥 looks like it’s healing from the picture but the inside feels like its still not healed properly… having a hard time playing the piano…

yesterday, I was working on someone else’s computer and managed to run over my foot with the chair…

oh and then this morning I decided to hit the metal shower door with my wrist and now have a bruise… and throughout the course of the morning have managed to bang my knees and shin on my desk at work… someone help me!


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