Hi! My name is Maricar but I also go by Carr or Car or Mariocarrt. You pick, I promise I won’t get offended. If anything I’ve probably heard them all anyway. Welcome to my blog post. I’ve always wanted to write but I guess I never really persued it till now.  This is just a place for my thoughts… me making fun of myself and the quirks of life so excuse the lack of grammar and whatever else. I’ve been through a lot of things as we all have and I’m sure that there are sooo many blog sites out there, so thank you for stopping by.

Meet the Family…


Baby Minion

My first cat. I knew I was gonna name my first cat or dog Minion after I watched the Despicable Me movie, but I think Minion’s personality suits his name very well. He’s a really sweet cat that I found on Craigslist. When I picked him up, he was sooo small… and the people said that he was an orphan. He was in bad shape when I got him, I really thought he wasn’t going to make it. Infested with fleas, eyes crusted he couldn’t open them, very shy and timid. But he survived and he is now 5 years old. Minion is very special to me in that I am reminded when I see those bumper stickers that say “who rescued who?” As much as I may have rescued Minion, he very much rescued me at the same time. He is the original reason why I was able to stick around.



I had Minion for three months already and I felt bad since I would be gone all day at work and he was all alone. That was when I decided to find him a companion. Back to craigslist I go and sure enough, I found someone who was giving a kitten away. I brought him over to meet her and he didn’t seem to mind and neither did she. They hit it off pretty well and things worked out. As for the name…

**(side story) I was living with Jacky (cousin) at the time. The Despicable Me came and went. iHop had promotional food and when we would eat there they had posters and stuff hanging from the ceiling. When the promotion was over, the waitress knew us pretty well and was kind enough to give us the poster that they were going to throw away which was perfect to go in mine and Jacky’s apartment considering she had a cat named Pancakes. The poster had three minions on it… one holding Pancakes, the second was holding Cini “Minions” and the last guy on the bottom was saying “Yumm.” We would joke around and say that we needed a third pet and name it Yumm, maybe a fish? Oh that would have been a poor fish, living in a house with two cats and having the name “Yumm.” HAHAHAHA we weren’t trying to be mean, we were just trying to complete the puzzle.**

Back to MooMoo. When I got her, the name Yumm didn’t suit her. So I thought of names on the way home from picking her up and somehow got to MooMoo. But it works out cuz now my little family is The M Family. 😀

Addition to The M Family – Mochi10269491_10203876635662022_7457245507263989730_n

Before I got Minion, I really wanted a dog but most apartment buildings didn’t accept dogs and thats why I got a cat first, Minion. The other reason for getting Mochi was so I could push myself to work out again, she was my gym. Having her would force me to walk her every day since I live in an apartment. Back to Craigslist I go and found a Shih Tzu somewhere in Bakersfield. When I saw her picture, I immediately named her even though I wasn’t sure she was going to be mine, but Mochi looked like it suited her very well. All worked out…

The M Family —> Maricar, Minion, MooMoo, and Mochi. 



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