all in good company

another night of very little sleep… woke up late once again, trying to move fast but not happening! I left the house at 8am! I usually leave at 730… and then there was traffic, something i’m to so used to anymore. I decided to not rush and just go in at 9 so I went to get breakfast at Starbucks. OKAY, I give MAD PPROPS to those people in customer service that no matter what the day may bring them, they still have a smile on their faces and still give great service to their customers!

So I’ve become a regular at the Starbucks on Plummer and there is this one barista, John, that has always has a pleasant positive energy any and every time I went in there, today wasn’t the only day. He wasn’t the one taking my order but he recognized me and said hello. To top it off, he reminded me of a friend that has the same type of positive attitude no matter what life brought his way. He also worked at a Starbucks when he lived here in Cali. So I mentioned that to John, that he reminded me of Miguel, then he asked if Miguel was Filipino and I said yes. John says that’s why! and we both just laugh. I said that Miguel was just a bit taller and a bit bigger build, John says “So I’m skinny ;P” HAHA we both laughed as he gave me my bagel and said have a nice day.

That isn’t the only time… I was having dinner at Chevy’s in Burbank with a friend and our waiter was awesome! He was happy and seemed like he was having a good evening. HIs positive attitude made our dinner more enjoyable and tasted a lot better too!

Another instance was a flight to Washington state last year. One of the airline stewards was incredibly kind. My friend and I were in the back of the plane and she happened to start conversations with us. We were joking around the entire flight that we didn’t even notice that we had arrived. I’m sad that I didn’t get to write a review for her after our flight.

See those people give off this great vibe and are contagious! Thanks John for the morning laugh!

And of course there are other people that come into our lives that make us feel good about ourselves whether they give compliments or just great company. If you read this, you know who you are! I don’t feel tired at all! It’s a great day!


getting stuff done then no sleep

i finally got a housekeeper to clean mochimy house last night and and and my house is spotless!!! she made my bathroom shine! and on top of that, I got to take Mochi for a really long walk, go grocery shopping,put away all the laundry that i did on Sunday. Man I got a lot done! Sooooo happy! So clean house then I get to make a mess and cook spaghetti for dinner… HAHA it’s okay. I think it was my best spaghetti that I’ve made so far and had a nice dinner with my housekeeper. It’s nice having a clean house.

so this day is just going really really really slooooooow… did i add enough o’s in there? i don’t know what it is but I keep looking at the clock and it seems as if only one or two minutes pass by that i seriously thought was more like 15 – 30 minutes if not more? i was hungry about 11 so i finished what i was working on and decide to get some strawberries to munch on… that was about i think 11:30… go back to my desk and munch and read the news a bit… by the time i’m done i look at the clock and it’s 11:48 and i’m still hungry… so i wait and work on some things… okay now i’m really hungry… I look at the time, 11:55! are you serious?!? i’m really really hungry… screw it! i’m gonna eat… i eat my lunch and i usually take my time but when you’ve got left overs and there is no driving involved, there is an extra 20 minutes left to eat… no complaints there especially since it’s so hot outside.

coffe emojiOn top of that, i’m really tired. so when time is slow, i get really sleepy… then again this is day two of not sleeping properly… it seems like my insomnia is back… zombie days are coming! run! hide! just kidding… but seriously though… Sunday night i woke up at 3am… not fun but then again I kinda know why I was having trouble sleeping? Last night was no fun either… I went to bed around 11pm but then woke up at 2:45am and 3 then a couple of times after that… Mochi was trying really hard to wake me up this morning… nothing seemed to be working that she resulted to hitting me with her paw on my face. still wouldn’t get up, then hoping around the bed, thankfully missing my stomach HAHA, then nibbling on my fingers… as if she’s telling me MOM! TURN OFF THE ALARM!!! and at some point Moo was starting to join in and nonstop meows for food. Now I realize I had a repeat nightmare too… oye… more coffee please! And now the after effects of too much coffee and no sleep… zipping around going 100mph and giggling for no reason… thankfully i haven’t ran into any doors or desks yet… haha it’s still early… but at the same time i feel like my sugar rush is going to end and i will crash

bouncing off the walls :D

today is a good day! i finally got some really good sleep last night… woke up feeling refreshed… i haven’t felt this way in a long time and i miss me bouncing off the walls and hoping around in the hallways at work and yes this is when I become a bit clumsy… i already tripped running back to my office… but its ok i just get back up and laugh it off and laugh at myself while i’m at it… MWAHAHA and my inner child decides to come out to say hello… i miss you!emoji

a whole lotta random stuff

ok so this bloggers block has not left me and it’s a bit irritating… i have a bunch of stuff that i want to write down and wrote out full paragraphs and such in my head but when I get to here… i can’t seem to get the words out… so i’m gonna try it this way… I’ve said it before and i’ll continue to say it again and again… too many things happen all at once and yet again, that is how life is…  and on the flip side i still haven’t sorted out the jumbled mess in my head… hence the block?!?

May 26 – disney day 2 – so we went back for round two of disney fun, this time to cali adventure…i miss having my annual pass and going with my disneyland buddy (Jacky) almost every week. Now that she has her daughter, I have more reason to continue going… the only sad part is that I can’t join them on the weekdays… but anyhow, before we went, Jacky and I planned out what we would do, our day and what food we’d bring and this made me reminisce back to our disney days where we would stuff our backpacks with snacks and such, eat while walking or waiting in line… i mean we would bring tupperware of rice, sandwiches, candy, water, name the junk food we had it… everyone knows that disney is filled with line after line, then to even think about to get in line to get food… our problem was solved. California Adventure is always nice since its not as crowded as the main park and there are other things to do than ride rides. Arielle found a new friend at the animation studios and guess where that got us?!? A front of the line pass, free of charge to see Ana and Elsa and Olaf!!! I must say, that was the highlight of that disney trip!


June 2 – A big congratulations to my step-brother Joray, graduated from Saugus HS and got accepted to MIT!!!! SO so so very proud! Mr. Smarty Pants!

pets – so there has been all this talk about me finding a new home for my pets… i’ve been going through some things that make it hard for me to care for my pets right now and no i’m not using my social life as an excuse… yes my work schedule changed and i get home at different hours on different days… I do try to spend as much time with them as i can… being a previous pet owner of several different dogs throughout my life, loosing them, whichever way it may be, is never an easy topic. i love these guys and sometimes, no wait, they are the reason that i am still here… although i do see that i really do need to think long and hard about this… Like right now, I’m writing this and Mochi is bored so she finds her toys and starts playing on her own… not that I didn’t play with her earlier but she is cooped up in the house all day long while i’m at work… oye… lots of stuff to really think long and hard about…

IMG_6302on a good note for me – soccer games, beach days and eating fresh steamed crab and having a great company… i’m starting to get back into doing the things that i used to love before my depression decided to say good riddance to them… but at the same time i’m sure i didn’t fully let go of those things… having good company that enjoys them with you makes a big difference.

family – is family and they are there to support you even through your toughest times and I thank God that I have them on my side. I kept them out of a part of my life for a long time for a reason and yes I got used to dealing with things on my own… I don’t resent them for it at all, it was my own choice. Now, the ones that need to know, know, but now… i feel like i still should have kept it to myself, only because some of the reactions that i got i knew i was going to get. But besides that, i’ve gotten used to doing on my own that having them there and knowing is taking some getting used to… And now maybe I see it as God telling me that I need them for whatever reason it may be, maybe this is his answer to my prayers. The people he’s recently brought into my life is his answer to my prayers.


what is the prognosis or diagnosis?

trips to the er are never fun… they can never fully tell you what the problem or what the cause is unless it’s an obvious one. for one with a preexisting condition that has no cause that just happens to pop up out of nowhere… then they just give you massive pain killers and tell you to see your pcp and send you on your way…

then there is the part where you go to the doctor and they can’t tell you exactly what you have either and send to to specialist after specialist and take about 6 months for them to even figure out what the heck is wrong with you. and so that cycle probably begins tomorrow again… test after test after test…

different sickness – i had this run in last week already… i was sent to see a specialist… i give the dude credit cuz he was actually nice and listened to me… but at the end of it all… the question that he asked me or more like said to me “it’s amazing that you have survived after this long and without treatment” and then he says “you’re prognosis is that you have a curable condition” and refers me to another specialist…

see what i mean, it’s a constant cycle of this person can help you, oh i can’t do anything for you but i know who can… i hate doctors! and what is it with people thinking that i do something to myself to get sick or hurt? i don’t! or thinking that I don’t take care of myself? I do! i hate being o medication! or maybe it’s that i want sympathy or attention? really?!? really?!? really?!? i should just keep my mouth shut and never say anything!