all in good company

another night of very little sleep… woke up late once again, trying to move fast but not happening! I left the house at 8am! I usually leave at 730… and then there was traffic, something i’m to so used to anymore. I decided to not rush and just go in at 9 so I went to get breakfast at Starbucks. OKAY, I give MAD PPROPS to those people in customer service that no matter what the day may bring them, they still have a smile on their faces and still give great service to their customers!

So I’ve become a regular at the Starbucks on Plummer and there is this one barista, John, that has always has a pleasant positive energy any and every time I went in there, today wasn’t the only day. He wasn’t the one taking my order but he recognized me and said hello. To top it off, he reminded me of a friend that has the same type of positive attitude no matter what life brought his way. He also worked at a Starbucks when he lived here in Cali. So I mentioned that to John, that he reminded me of Miguel, then he asked if Miguel was Filipino and I said yes. John says that’s why! and we both just laugh. I said that Miguel was just a bit taller and a bit bigger build, John says “So I’m skinny ;P” HAHA we both laughed as he gave me my bagel and said have a nice day.

That isn’t the only time… I was having dinner at Chevy’s in Burbank with a friend and our waiter was awesome! He was happy and seemed like he was having a good evening. HIs positive attitude made our dinner more enjoyable and tasted a lot better too!

Another instance was a flight to Washington state last year. One of the airline stewards was incredibly kind. My friend and I were in the back of the plane and she happened to start conversations with us. We were joking around the entire flight that we didn’t even notice that we had arrived. I’m sad that I didn’t get to write a review for her after our flight.

See those people give off this great vibe and are contagious! Thanks John for the morning laugh!

And of course there are other people that come into our lives that make us feel good about ourselves whether they give compliments or just great company. If you read this, you know who you are! I don’t feel tired at all! It’s a great day!


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