getting stuff done then no sleep

i finally got a housekeeper to clean mochimy house last night and and and my house is spotless!!! she made my bathroom shine! and on top of that, I got to take Mochi for a really long walk, go grocery shopping,put away all the laundry that i did on Sunday. Man I got a lot done! Sooooo happy! So clean house then I get to make a mess and cook spaghetti for dinner… HAHA it’s okay. I think it was my best spaghetti that I’ve made so far and had a nice dinner with my housekeeper. It’s nice having a clean house.

so this day is just going really really really slooooooow… did i add enough o’s in there? i don’t know what it is but I keep looking at the clock and it seems as if only one or two minutes pass by that i seriously thought was more like 15 – 30 minutes if not more? i was hungry about 11 so i finished what i was working on and decide to get some strawberries to munch on… that was about i think 11:30… go back to my desk and munch and read the news a bit… by the time i’m done i look at the clock and it’s 11:48 and i’m still hungry… so i wait and work on some things… okay now i’m really hungry… I look at the time, 11:55! are you serious?!? i’m really really hungry… screw it! i’m gonna eat… i eat my lunch and i usually take my time but when you’ve got left overs and there is no driving involved, there is an extra 20 minutes left to eat… no complaints there especially since it’s so hot outside.

coffe emojiOn top of that, i’m really tired. so when time is slow, i get really sleepy… then again this is day two of not sleeping properly… it seems like my insomnia is back… zombie days are coming! run! hide! just kidding… but seriously though… Sunday night i woke up at 3am… not fun but then again I kinda know why I was having trouble sleeping? Last night was no fun either… I went to bed around 11pm but then woke up at 2:45am and 3 then a couple of times after that… Mochi was trying really hard to wake me up this morning… nothing seemed to be working that she resulted to hitting me with her paw on my face. still wouldn’t get up, then hoping around the bed, thankfully missing my stomach HAHA, then nibbling on my fingers… as if she’s telling me MOM! TURN OFF THE ALARM!!! and at some point Moo was starting to join in and nonstop meows for food. Now I realize I had a repeat nightmare too… oye… more coffee please! And now the after effects of too much coffee and no sleep… zipping around going 100mph and giggling for no reason… thankfully i haven’t ran into any doors or desks yet… haha it’s still early… but at the same time i feel like my sugar rush is going to end and i will crash


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