a dog beach day

img_6634It’s Labor Day and we decided to have a nice day at the beach including Mochi… This is my first time taking Mochi to the beach. The three of us headed  out toHarbor Cove Beach out in Ventura early in the day. No traffic! When we got to the beach, it was nice and empty, the weather was a bit gloomy but not too cold. Plopped down our blanket and didn’t wait long to go test out the waters to see how she would do… Mochi didn’t mind the sand, she went out further into the water and baby waves came to great heimg_6715r… she ran away frantically, probably because the water was cold, but it didn’t take her long to jump right back in! At some point she went out a bit too far and a toddler wave decided to greet her… hahaha she got a one two punch of a wave and was wet! but I don’t think she seemed to mind at all… her paws were wet from the baby waves already. We ran around chasing waves back and forth, oh she was LOVING every bit of it. Eventually we got her tennis ball out and started throwing it around… so sand everywhere! paws, coat, snout, and now she was drinking the salt water and eating sand… my poor baby… but nope, she didn’t care! we kept at it for an hour or two…. running, chasing the ball, chasing waves, beiimg_6683ng chased by the waves… even flying! yes I have a flying Mochi dog! It made me happy to see Mochi to her full fun capacity! Running. Jumping. Flying. HAPPY Mochi Dog! After a while, people started showing up and it was getting crowded o we decided to take a break… time for sun bathing! Round two?!? and back in the water we went… sadly i couldn’t let her off leash as much because there were more dogs and more children around… she loves humans so she started hating out with some of the beach goers… At some point we said ok, we’re hungry… lets eat! Went to the cafe, had lunch… she got french fries and some of my burger so she was happy… then homeward bound. It was a great day at the beach for sure!

img_6780                  img_6931



camping vs real camping

since I was a kid, my family would go on camping trips every year and oh how i looked forward to them. I mean we would go in big groups, entire families, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and all. From Big Bear to Mammoth, Yosemite, and all over southern Cali. I remember we would bring pack soon much stuff with us, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, you know, the necessities. Then came the kitchen stuff! I mean pots and pans, chopping boards, and tons and tons of food! I mean I know we gotta eat and all, so we pretty much brought the whole house if I really think about it, HAHA! Don’t forget the lamps and flashlights. And the camp sites were clean and came with actual facilities so that we could have hot showers, you just need quarters LOL… but oh it was fun and nice to be clean before going to bed after playing all day in the dirt and sand and being sticky after sunscreen and sweat dripping all over you…. eeewwww hahaha

And then, I ended up going camping on the whim over the 4th of July weekend. I must say, we weren’t prepared at all! We just packed clothes and a couple sleeping bags and a cooler with ice. No camping reservations. I mean we didn’t know what time we were going to leave in the first place. We ended up going to the grocery store on the way to the campsite and pretty much bought what we wanted to eat and easy to cook that didn’t require much attention… We had to buy a stove, kitchen knife, and a flashlight, just the bare minimum to get by. We got to Kernville and started looking for a spot. I really didn’t think you could go camping on the fly! All this time I know my mom had to make reservations far in advance to even get a spot and everything would be all planned out. But back to camping on the fly. We finally found a spot… or so we thought. Since the site wasn’t regulated, we just asked the nearby neighbors if we could plop down next to them since it was just me and one other person. No biggie. We were so close to the river, it was great! Somehow managed to pitch a broken tent after the sun had gone down and cook dinner and eat by 10pm. Oh by the way, we forgot a lighter! =O   We had to ask our neighbors for one every time we wanted to cook. Sheesh! Who knew having a lighter or source of fire would be so important when camping? Then time for bed, okay, so where is the bathroom so I could wash up? My friend points to the river. LOL What?!? I’ve never gone camping without a bathroom facility! LOL Yes I know I’m spoiled! Just a little. =P   So since this site was first come first serve, the spot we ended up with had nothing but rocks! So we ended up sleeping on a bed rock. HAHA HA HA

The next day, we wake up, made breakfast… managed to make some coffee, is a must! What to do now? lets go for a hike and find a spot near the river to hang the hammock. Sure! Brought some water and started walking. We found a spot, hung up the hammock, and decided to take a quick nap. Woke up since the sun was hitting our faces and decided to jump in the river. That felt OH SO GOOD! considering it was pretty hot during the day. swam around and somehow managed to float near our campsite. We decided to grab some snacks and more drinks and walk back to where we left our hammock. Found a new shady spot, hung around for a bit, ate some fruit, and back to sleep we go. The sun managed to follow us to every shady spot we found, but its ok, we would just jump back in the river to cool off. We headed back to the campsite for lunch. After lunch, another nap, wake up and jump in the river again… this side of the river had a bit of a stronger current, I lost my footing and got carried away and the current slammed me into a rock! That hurt! And oh yea, my friend had to come help me or I would have floated away further down the river… hahaha I probably coulda got up and fought but after hitting a rock, my leg was hurting! At the end of the day, even though it was a short camping trip, we decided to go home and not sleep on a bed of rocks for another night!

All we did was jump in the river, eat, and sleep for a day and a half. I mean I could get used to this! Not having to worry about anything at all. My mind had never been so at peace. Also, the company with you makes a big difference. Thanks for the great weekend! Lets do that again! =D

a good day in a haystack

couldn’t decide what to do today so i booked a last minute massage at Burke Williams Spa. I sat around the house for a bit before my appointment. Moo misses Mochi since she had a play date with Kory at Susanna’s house last night.

My mind is clouded just as the overcast that is still set in outside. Beautiful scenery but haze gently coats what I imagine it to be. The sun shining bright, the trees glowing with rays peeking through where it can and in certain of gold sparkle in view, glimmers the distance gazing down the street line with tress on both sides as if in a dream. And to think that this is in one of the streets near my house, I just added a few things that my imagination likes.

I get to Burke Williams, still a bit disoriented from my crazy emotions and at some point I start to calm down. The lady at the front desk shows me around considering I haven’t been here in ages! I get to my locker and change into my spa robe, and this thing is HUGE! but welcome it. There is something about being wrapped up in soft linen sinking into a state of relaxation. This robe is size 4XL! I’m a small or a medium. Listening to their soft music, sitting in their lounge, writing and I already am starting to feel relaxed waiting for my bath. Yes! I am spoiling myself today. I need it! I was going crazy at home.

12:10pm – Okay, I really feel like I am being treated like a queen right now. I went to get my bath (yes, a bath that someone drew from me. If you haven’t taken a bubble bath, take one! if you are a guy, go watch the Friends episode where Chandler starts to like them and beats Monica every time she prepares one.) When the lady came to get me, she brought me to a room with two bath tubs, one set up for me. Just for me! A plate of fruits and a glass of water. She explained some things and then she took my robe from me holding it up as I got in the bath. Perfect temperature, bubbles, everything was set up just right. I lay down and she put cucumbers on my eyes and a cool towel on my forehead, dimmed the lights and in a minute I was alone. I start to drift away. I am disrupted by my body starting to float so I anchor my foot to the other end of the tub. Feel my hands, soft, silky, and smooth, tingling, with the smell of eucalyptus surrounding my senses. I stay still for what seemed to be a timeless moment of peace, serenity and calm. Sadly I cannot stay in this moment and wake. I decided to eat some of the strawberries left for me and some of the chocolate syrup drips on my elbow as I take a bite. Perfect timing for the lady to check on me and see if I was okay. She left me with an aroma therapy towel to put on my forehead when I was ready to relax again. After eating the strawberries, I drink water and lay back down. Took the town and put it on my head. The strong smell of eucalyptus surround my face and nose and all senses and I float away into a dream world. A meadow with colors of the fall as leaves float to the ground. The bubbles stop and I hear the music playing. A piano piece and my dream begins to change. I see a big room, fit for a queen, walls tower over with high ceilings and beautiful chandelier up above, light blue paint with a hint of gold trim accents on the wood. A woman in a white backless gown with black hair fixed neatly into a tight bun, looks out the through the sheer colored curtains blowing past her, gaze is far from where it should be. As each note plays, I could feel the beat of her heart, it’s not pain, it’s not sorrow, a man dressed in a tuxedo is in the room with her, waiting for her, telling her it is time. The notes on the piano become heavier, the look of conforming blankets her face as she looks toward the man and begins to step his way. One note, one step, out the room, down the corridor and my dream fades as I wake.

Some dream… I wonder what that meant… certainly wasn’t me in the dream. My bath is over, the lady helps me out and leads me back into the lounge room and I write this down. I had my massage and oh did I enjoy that. I didn’t have much of a dream during the massage. I think I just drifted off into a dreamless sleep which what quite welcoming. After my massage, I got ready and back to reality I go. Went to eat at Poke Bar for lunch, went to therapy (kind of a rough session), went to pick up Mochi from Susanna’s then headed back home and took a nap. Was woken up by a phone call being invited to watch Alice – though the looking glass. I wasn’t too excited about watching it but glad I did. Was much better than I expected, even got a bit teary eyed in the end. So good night.