the simple life

I’m not a complicated person, I’m not high maintenance either. I’m actually a very simple person. I like to enjoy the little things in life. I live in a one bedroom apartment that I love with a pool that is steps away from my door that I’ve only used maybe twice in the eight years that I’ve lived there. My carpet needs to be changed but I’m too lazy to have it changed because I don’t want to have to move my furniture around. Okay, that might fall under the lazy department. I live with my two cats and dog. My days are as simple as going to work in the morning, maybe get McDonald’s coffee, sometimes. Go home at 5:00pm. Get home, walk Mochi. Get back and feed the zoo. Cook my dinner, then just sit back and relax. Watch endless amounts of Friends reruns (can never get tired of them) or maybe if there is a movie on then I’ll watch that. I don’t care for Amazon or Netflix or whatever app to use to watch shows, I can’t keep up with them anyway. I don’t mind the commercials, it gives me a reason to get up and get water or a snack. Sometimes fall asleep on the couch.

Weekends are mellow unless I have something planned. I get to sleep in until 12:00pm!! Awesome! And just mosey around the apartment. If I need to do something I’ll do it but for the most part, I’m just home. I’m a homebody. On top of that, I’m an introvert. Going out too much can ware me out pretty quickly, need time to recuperate and recharge. Need my alone time.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to go out and I do go out to nice places but only once in a while. Usually with my mom because she likes to do that. I get to eat out at a lot of places because of my mom, otherwise I really wouldn’t. Once in a blue moon, maybe? I’m fine with corporate food. It’s easy to please me with food. I like food but I’m not searching for the best tasting thing on the menu. Fancy shmancy. Not really. While I do appreciate the high end fancy restaurants, I’d rather have a hearty home cooked meal. Besides, no one can beat mom’s cooking. My cousin Jackie is my food adventure buddy. We like to try new places together. Even then, they are not the high end, expensive places. We like the secret, hole in the wall, wholesome good food places. And when the time comes and I have planned for it, I will go on a small vacation. My mom’s 40th birthday present to me was a cruise to Barcelona and Italy, (thank you mom!!) but it has been pushed backed due to COVID. It will happen when it happens.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, I enjoy the simple things in life… Eating ice cream. Walking Mochi. Taking Mochi to the park or the beach. Reading a book. Walking with Mochi to Starbucks, eating breakfast and people watching. Sitting in the front lawn of our apartment with Mochi watching cars go by. Sitting in my bedroom floor playing with my cats. Spending time with family and friends. Go hiking. I’m sure there is more, I just can’t think of them right now. Cherish what you have in front of you. Enjoy the little things.


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