Singled Out

Everyone I know is either married with kids or has a significant other. I’m the only one who is actually “single.” When I’m in a group setting, the conversation revolves around their family life and there is nothing I can relate to because I really can’t relate to anything they talk about. As far as kids go, my kids are my two cats and my dog. That’s the closest I can get. I know they don’t mean to single me out, it’s just what happens because that’s just the situation, it can’t be helped. And then when they do finally turn the attention to me, it feels awkward because all eyes are on me and it always revolves around if I am dating someone or not. Kinda gets tiring. Can we talk about something else? But then again what is there in my life other that that to talk about that I am willing to divulge? Like I said before, I am a very private person, there isn’t much about me that I like to put out there.

As far as making friends, the time for making friends were during high school and college. I did that but even those friends are married and have kids. These days it’s hard to make new friends unless you need friends of friends or if you are a regular at a bar or a yoga studio and meet strangers or something like that. Is there a trick to making new friends? Please let me know. Also back then, even if you had a lot of friends, you knew who your true friends were depending on what situations you got yourself into, so your group of friends begin to shrink. Coworkers are out of the question because they are all old enough to be my parents and I choose to keep business and personal life separate.

Hmmm what else is there? Where else can you possibly somehow make friends? I have friends but like I said, they are married and have kids and can’t go out in a drop of a hat and say lets meet up for dinner in twenty minutes. Like for instance, this morning, I was craving pancakes and just like that, I went to my favorite breakfast place and had pancakes. No-one I know can just do that. Except my mom, but she doesn’t count. She’s my mom. Yes, I do go to restaurants by myself because I really don’t have anyone to go with and it really isn’t that bad and no it’s not that embarrassing. I know most people would think it’s awkward to go by yourself but when you’ve been single for a long time, you just end up doing things on your own. I’ve been doing it for a while now, that’s the single life for you. I guess being single it is for the time being, which I’m okay with, it was just a minor complaint.


One thought on “Singled Out

  1. We seem to be brainwashed into believing if you’re single after so long there must be something wrong with you. But I liken this to the idea that plus size is unattractive.


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