all in good company

another night of very little sleep… woke up late once again, trying to move fast but not happening! I left the house at 8am! I usually leave at 730… and then there was traffic, something i’m to so used to anymore. I decided to not rush and just go in at 9 so I went to get breakfast at Starbucks. OKAY, I give MAD PPROPS … Continue reading all in good company

It’s a beautiful day according to Michael Buble

Well it definitely is a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling. Even though I woke up tired, I’m just in an all around good mood. So it seems that I am fully recovered from last week’s disasters… haha still can’t run properly but getting there… work is work, doing an escape room tonight with friends… and a weekend of fun to look … Continue reading It’s a beautiful day according to Michael Buble

rewind and fast forward

So I haven’t been able to write as much as I wanted to… but that’s what happens when you have a crazy schedule and a crazy big family… it’s ok I love em and it makes life fun Rewind One, Two, Punch of a weekend – two weeks ago – first it was my grandma’s 84th birthday party. Had fun making pom poms from scratch… … Continue reading rewind and fast forward

Laughing at myself HAHA

one of the ways I laugh at myself… My favorite is… Did you ever watch “My Father The Hero”? Its the movie with Gerard Depardieu and Katherine Heigl (when she was really young). There is this part where Nicole (Katherine Heigl) is trying to apologize to her crush, Ben, and is taking cues from her dad (Gerard Depardieu). Ben asks Nicole, why should I believe … Continue reading Laughing at myself HAHA