Laughing at myself HAHA

one of the ways I laugh at myself… My favorite is… Did you ever watch “My Father The Hero”? Its the movie with Gerard Depardieu and Katherine Heigl (when she was really young). There is this part where Nicole (Katherine Heigl) is trying to apologize to her crush, Ben, and is taking cues from her dad (Gerard Depardieu). Ben asks Nicole, why should I believe you? Dad says “because it’s true, you idiot” but with a french accent… so id-jiot (not quite sure how to spell that out) and Nicole repeats it to Ben and she realizes that she did the same thing. So long story short… I always say to myself when I mess up something simple… idjiot hahaha always reminds me of that move.

On the sa983792_10205037284637521_794688277775231058_nme note… i love colored pens… so yesterday, I went to buy a pack of colored sharpies… and just thought to myself… “oh no I have colored pens” it should be a good thing right?!? Yes and no because I like to draw smiley faces on my hands… different color on each finger… I have proof too mwahahahaha <– giggles uncontrollably and maybe maniacal laugh to my own self hahaha. YES i am such a weirdo



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