clumsy, not fragile

A common misconception that people have about me… Yes I am clumsy, and weird, strange, emotional, and crazy sometimes but one thing I’m not is FRAGILE! People think that because I have a tendency to fall and hurt myself and cry like a baby with the smallest cuts or bruises and I wear my heart on my sleeve. On the flip side of that, I get a broken bone or blood gushing out and I’m like, nah its nothing, I’ll be fine. I grew up close to my brother whose hobby is some form of martial arts and he would show me a few moves. I took self defense classes as a kid. I’m not saying I have a black belt or anything but I can throw a few good kicks and punches. I’m sporty so I’m not afraid to fight and roll around if the situation called for it. I also grew up close to my dad, he taught me to fix things around the house… I’m my own handy man. So pretty much I can take care of myself which is something I am proud of. Mess with me and I will bite back! You have been warned!!! Maniacal laugh… mwaaahahahaha


And yes, people have told me that its just because they are worried about me… so thank you



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