meds… helpful or harmful? that is the question

A couple of years ago, I had a concussion and had to be put on meds to help get me back to normal and control migraines. One was to reset the neurotransmitters in my brain or something like that and the other was to help control the migraines from becoming so severe. That was on top of other medications I was on for other things that I will not go into detail with. Yes, many people have their opinions about not taking meds and you should let your body take care of itself naturally or something along those lines. But… what if you really needed it? I mean, I’ve been a sickly kid my entire life. Not that it rules my life or anything but sometimes, in my case, the meds were needed. And it’s not like I wanted to be on them… I hate taking meds, I have trouble swallowing the smallest pills!

Anyway back to the original topic… so last year, I was told to stop taking the heavy meds and only use the back up for the headaches. Almost the same time, I stopped all other meds I was on. It’s been about a year now and I’ve noticed a change in me… as in I can’t process emotions, situations, and whatnot like I used to. Almost as if my brain and body hit a RESET ALL button. (I was only on the concussion meds for a year). So now I think I actually have to go see my neurologist again and figure things out… In the mean time, hopefully I can GET A GRIP and stay calm and try not to hit my head again.

Side Note – that concussion has affected my memory… I usually had a pretty good memory… these days people are telling me stuff that I normally would have remembered but don’t.


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