time to hit the pause and reset button

It’s been such a long time since I’ve gotten to sit down and enjoy an evening to myself… It’s been one crazy whirlwind of a week but I feel like it’s been longer than that.  OKAY there are parts of life that always seem like it happened so fast that I’m still trying to catch up from everything that happened.

Last weekend (Saturday) my brother flew in from Oklahoma. The rest of the day… I’m going to leave it at that…

Sunday we celebrated our parents birthdays. Happy Birthday MOM and DAD! So in one day, we had parent’s birthday lunch, then got me a new car! WOW, I have a new car?!? Apparently so! Oh and Happy Easter! Then meet up with friends to escape another room. Do I remember what happened after that? Obviously I went home… I guess I went to sleep…

So Monday rolls around… went to work… after work Drove to Valencia to finalize car stuff. Stop by mom’s house to get food for the week. Stop by friend’s house in Sunland to pick up my snow board that he’s been holding for a few years… I do plan to sell it soon.

Tuesday – Work as usual. After work, rush home, walk Mochi, feed the pets (I think I did or maybe after I got back home?) Rush to church for piano lesson. Rush through lesson and go to meet up with the rest of the gang to get RAMEN!!!


Wednesday – (Side note… I’m starting to forget everything that happened last week?) Oh I remember now, I had dinner with my mom at Benihana for her birthday coupon. We had a great evening of just talking and enjoying good food.

Thursday was… I’m going to leave it at that.

Friday was a much needed time back to bible study after a long break.  When I got to church, knocked out on the couch, didn’t realize I did. Woke up, ate really quick, then bible study. Getting back to my normal schedule feels nice.

Saturday – Slept in after a minor anxiety attack the night before. Mochi had a doggie play date with Kory. Susanna and I had a nice long talk and had a really good breakfast. Went home and napped then off to church for praise practice. I always look forward to these days. Had dinner, watched Superman vs. Batman… left the movie early not cuz I didn’t like it but ended up with a another anxiety attack and went home and slept it off.

Back to Sunday. Normal Sunday service with two really good messages from two services. Had lunch, chilled with friends at church, went home and napped, walked Mochi, gave her a bath, cooked dinner after a month or more of eating out. And now relaxing on the couch watching Friends.

With everything that happened, remembering that God is always on my side is something that I always have to remember no matter how good or bad things might be. There are always times when things go so well or on the flip side that things are going so bad or out of control that I forget to thank God or to even ask for help. Regardless, I said a truly heartfelt prayer that I haven’t done in a long time and God did not hesitate to respond and help me. As many times as I have forgotten God, he will never forget me. And for that I am blessed! Thank You God!

Hopefully this month will be a time of focusing on God and a lot getting life back to a normal pace.


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