clumsy, not fragile

A common misconception that people have about me… Yes I am clumsy, and weird, strange, emotional, and crazy sometimes but one thing I’m not is FRAGILE! People think that because I have a tendency to fall and hurt myself and cry like a baby with the smallest cuts or bruises and I wear my heart on my sleeve. On the flip side of that, I … Continue reading clumsy, not fragile

It’s a beautiful day according to Michael Buble

Well it definitely is a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling. Even though I woke up tired, I’m just in an all around good mood. So it seems that I am fully recovered from last week’s disasters… haha still can’t run properly but getting there… work is work, doing an escape room tonight with friends… and a weekend of fun to look … Continue reading It’s a beautiful day according to Michael Buble