what is the prognosis or diagnosis?

trips to the er are never fun… they can never fully tell you what the problem or what the cause is unless it’s an obvious one. for one with a preexisting condition that has no cause that just happens to pop up out of nowhere… then they just give you massive pain killers and tell you to see your pcp and send you on your way…

then there is the part where you go to the doctor and they can’t tell you exactly what you have either and send to to specialist after specialist and take about 6 months for them to even figure out what the heck is wrong with you. and so that cycle probably begins tomorrow again… test after test after test…

different sickness – i had this run in last week already… i was sent to see a specialist… i give the dude credit cuz he was actually nice and listened to me… but at the end of it all… the question that he asked me or more like said to me “it’s amazing that you have survived after this long and without treatment” and then he says “you’re prognosis is that you have a curable condition” and refers me to another specialist…

see what i mean, it’s a constant cycle of this person can help you, oh i can’t do anything for you but i know who can… i hate doctors! and what is it with people thinking that i do something to myself to get sick or hurt? i don’t! or thinking that I don’t take care of myself? I do! i hate being o medication! or maybe it’s that i want sympathy or attention? really?!? really?!? really?!? i should just keep my mouth shut and never say anything!


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