dilemma with fruits

i love fruits! who doesn’t? they’re yummy and healthy… so spring is around the corner orangeand some fruits are coming into season. so i buy the fruits with plans of eating them of course but… call me spoiled or lazy or both even… if i have to peel them or cut them down to size or whatever, I’m more likely to forget about it and let it sit in the fridge…

Last week, my boss gave my mom and i some fruits from her orange grove up north… delicious i tell you… I cut up two and ate it for dinner one night and the rest stayed in the fridge, for the time being until i felt like cutting or peeling them. I finally decided to prep them so i could just go in the fridge and pick at it as a snack… but back to forgetting… come on! they’re already cut, I just have to eat em… i brought it to work and ate about i’m guessing two and half oranges… and the result… is my tower of orange peels :


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