Working out at home with pets

So before COVID-19, I started working out. I tried Barre for a couple of months. I stopped because I wasn’t getting results fast enough. I attempted at Crossfit and boy did I fail! Miserably! I did the 1 week trial just to see if I could 1) Do it, and 2) If I could stick with it. The first night was called Crossfit Training. Keyword: TRAINING! So we went through the class. The instructor guided us through the exercises and it was hard, but I was able to do it. Not to mention I had to use my inhaler several times to catch my breath. In my mind, looking at their schedule, I wanted a cardio routine and they had a class called Crossfit Cardio. I thought, cool, training was ok, lets give the cardio a whirl. Boy was not being prepared an understatement! There were 4 or 5 exercises, 10 reps each in 2 minutes time, 10 times around within the hour. Catch your breath yet? The instructor had to reduce my reps because I couldn’t keep up with the rest of the group, embarrassing! He had to instruct me on how to properly do a squat and focus on that since I kept doing them wrong, even more embarrassing. By the time we were done, I wanted to collapse to the floor. But I did survive! And never will I ever do Crossfit again!!!

After the whole Crossfit bit, I was still looking for a cardio kickbox class. I finally came across LA Fitness. They had a Kickbox Cardio class every Tuesday and Thursday which worked well with my schedule. So of course I signed up. Had a bit of a slow start getting to classes and trying to stay consistent with my schedule. I would always find excuses to skip class, I’m too tired, I have to cook dinner, It was that time of the month kind of excuses.

Some time passed and now we have COVID-19 and we are on lockdown. No gyms to say the least. For a while I just went with it and didn’t do anything. I still walk my dog everyday after I get home from work. I have to walk her or she starts going crazy from being inside for so long.

I was tinkering with my fitbit app and I found some workout videos but sadly I couldn’t view them because they were under the Premium category. I tinkered some more and found that fitbit is offering Premium for free for 3 months due to COVID-19. Of course I sign up! Since then I’ve been doing 15 or 30 minute workouts at home. And if I don’t feel like working out, I can do yoga. They have a wide range of workouts varying in time and intensity. It really is a good deal!

Now, working out at home with pets… So I workout in the living room, of course. Not too much room but just enough. The problem is Mochi. Mochi starts to run around me when I’m jumping and kicking that I have to modify my move to not hit her. If I’m on the floor doing an exercise or yoga, she starts licking me nonstop! And then she starts grabbing her toys and putting them right in front of me because she wants to play. This is all funny and everything but what if I accidentally end up kicking her or something? Luckily the cats stay away. I wonder if Mochi is going to get used to me working out at home? I have been for the past two weeks and plan to keep doing it for I don’t know how long.


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