The new norm

My boss sent out an email last week telling the office that we can dress as comfortable as we would like considering that we would have to wear masks now in the office and out in public. (I still come to the office everyday, my company is considered an “essential business”) He says “I think we are not concerned with attire at this point, or the image a mask may make.” So that leaves me to think, what is the new norm? Most of the population is at home with their kids everyday of the week in their pj’s or sweat pants and not really getting dressed to go anywhere because there really isn’t any place to go. I still come to work in jeans and a nice shirt but sometimes I do feel lazy trying to dress nice. You can’t date anymore so who is there to really impress? You see the same people at work everyday, why do I need to dress up for them? My coworker came to work in sweat pants today. Are pajamas and sweat pants the new norm? How long is this going to last and what impact is it going to have on the fashion industry? Food for thought.


One thought on “The new norm

  1. Pj’s got ‘fashionable’ in some of our most unfashionable places in England a few years ago. Girls were seen going into supermarkets in their nightwear and eventually the big stores banned them. Thankfully.
    Pj’s are just not fashionable šŸ™‚ Caz x


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