girly girl

So I’m turning into a girly girl… I don’t know what’s happening but lately certain things have been changing. I’m all of a sudden wearing more girly clothes, looking nice and not just throwing on any jeans and t-shirt or hoodie I can find in my closet. I actually stand in front of my closet every night picking out what I am going to wear the following day. I even bought a really cute white leather jacket. Then I bought a nice Coach purse. I’ve bought coach purses before but they were all messenger bags so nothing really fancy. This purse was adding to the girly factor. Next you got the lip gloss. I all of a sudden wear lip gloss all the time! For no particular reason. And you know what, it took me forever to find this particular lip gloss. I mean I spent an entire day at Macy’s and Sephora looking for this one lip gloss. And the makeup, I actually take time putting on my makeup and put glitter on too!! Oh my gosh, what is happening to me?!?! So you think that was bad, now we add the hair. I never used to care about my hair. I would get out of the shower, brush my hair and go. Now, I have decided that I will take a shower at night, blow dry my hair and flat iron it and then flat iron it again in the morning. Where the heck did that come from?

Now I’ve always been sort of tomboyish growing up so I never cared about how I looked like, clothes, hair or make up. No purses or accessories, everything fits in my back pockets. So all of this is new to me. It’s like I’m getting a makeover or something, at least that’s what it feels like. I used to always make fun of the girls who took forever getting ready and now I am one of them. HA! It’s weird saying that. I’ve turned into a GIRLY GIRL!!! Well I guess it’s a new year so it’s a new me. Now what am I going to do with all those hoodies?


2 thoughts on “girly girl

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