Hopeless Romantic Part 3: Will I ever be the first choice?

So it’s a given in this dating world, that when you meet someone, there is a good possibility that they have been dating or will be dating more than one person at a time. You meet someone. It goes great in the beginning. You go on a couple dates, you talk a lot and so on. Then after some time, there is the excuse of … Continue reading Hopeless Romantic Part 3: Will I ever be the first choice?

It was all a SCAM!!!

So I’m still doing this whole online dating thing. Obviously nothing good has come about since I’m constantly writing about my odd situations I get myself into. Well here is one for you… About two or three weeks ago, I got a message from someone and he was cute and all. We started talking and he was sweet and we were actually having a conversation … Continue reading It was all a SCAM!!!

hopeless romantic

To love and to be loved… that is what I long for. I’ve had my fair share of broken hearts and I don’t want it anymore. It hurts really bad you know! I mean it really really hurts! To pour all your heart and soul, everything you have, everything you would give and could give, to a person, to a relationship that you hope would … Continue reading hopeless romantic