It was all a SCAM!!!

So I’m still doing this whole online dating thing. Obviously nothing good has come about since I’m constantly writing about my odd situations I get myself into. Well here is one for you…

About two or three weeks ago, I got a message from someone and he was cute and all. We started talking and he was sweet and we were actually having a conversation via text. Now I have two rules with online dating… 1. I don’t date anyone in the service. Nothing against them or anything it’s just they are always overseas and it makes things complicated. 2. I don’t date anyone more than 30 miles from where I live. For some reason I decided to throw those rules out the window because this guy was in the Air Force and was stationed somewhere in Africa. What the heck?!? I have no idea what I was thinking! I got caught up by him sweet talking and cuteness. He always sent me pictures and things were progressing pretty fast. He sent me his Air Force profile with detailed information about him. We were talking about our future and were being totally up front and honest with each other. We couldn’t wait to meet each other. He had two kids, divorced and he wanted his kids to call me mom. I told him about my condition. I normally don’t talk about that in the beginning because it sends guys running. So we kept talking and one day he called me and all of a sudden he was like “I’m in love with you! I can’t wait to meet you!” This was within a week of talking to him.

During the next week all he kept telling me was that he loved me and he started calling me his wife and asked me what type of wedding would I want. Wait a second there, I never agreed to being your wife! I started telling him that this was going waaaay too fast and we need to slow down. I haven’t even met you yet! When are you coming home. There was all this talk about his commander coming and he would discuss it with him to try and come home. He would do everything he can to come home just to meet me. During the week it was just the same “I love you, my wife. I can’t wait to meet you.” nonstop gibberish while I kept telling him I only LIKE you. I don’t love you. I need to catch up to you. The weekend came and I was hanging out with my guy best friend. When he found out, he went nuts and I was like I told you about my best friend and you shouldn’t be jealous blah blah blah. Ugh he was making me angry. Oh yea, one day I told him I was writing in my journal and he was like I am keeping secrets from him. REALLY?!? I don’t think I need to explain the concept of a journal. So the second week I was pretty fed up with him. He was suffocating me and I was starting to get anxiety. He also said to me “Don’t make me regret this decision.” I was like okay bud, I’m done with this.

That night I called my brother, since he is in the Air Force, to ask him some questions. I told him the situation and he was like some of the things the guy did were already a no no in the Air Force world. So red flags started to go up. My brother did a quick search and he was like “I can’t find anything on him.” I can’t remember everything that my brother and I talked about that night but basically I should be careful with this guy. I went to bed and I started thinking…. I googled the guy’s name and guess what came up on the web? “” with his name all over it! WOW WAKE UP CALL!!! The name was listed on several sites with the pictures that he sent me and everything including the Air Force profile.

Now that I think about it, he was starting to hint at money. This was at the tail end of the whole thing before I called my brother. He said that he didn’t have his credit card with him, number one. Then he started mentioning how much it would cost for him to go on leave for however long. Next was he couldn’t access his bank account with a screen shot of a bank account with a no access sign in the middle of the screen. Now it all makes sense! He was getting to the money part with me. Thank god it was on the emotional part that I let this guy go and not have to deal with any monetary situations. Although I would have never agreed to send this guy money for him to come home.

After the whole fiasco, I deleted the messages, blocked the number and everything and good riddance to the guy! Now I know to really stick to my rules! They are there for a reason. No harm no foul with this one. I didn’t get attached to him. It was just a scam. Just learned my lesson. See this is why I have a problem with trusting people, or maybe I just trust too easily. Anyway, back to the drawing board…


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