Strawberries and Granola

I just started back on keto on Monday. So far it’s been okay. Today I only had a small turkey burger for lunch and I was still hungry. I decided to go down the street to where my company usually gets our luncheon sandwiches from and get one for myself. When I got down there, the line was obscenely long, I would have never made it back in time to work. Well I stumbled across a farmers market so I decided to see what I could find in there and maybe find some food too. I found a keto booth that had blueberry and banana loafs and chocolate chip cookies and they gave me free granola to try. Then I made my way around and found a fruit stand. The strawberries looked really good. Unfortunately they only accepted cash. So I went around to the ATM to get some cash, went back and got me some strawberries.

I rushed back to work because I was still hungry and wanted to eat some strawberries. The people at the keto booth suggested to sprinkle the granola over the strawberries. I had the best strawberries and granola bowl on earth. The strawberries were so sweet and soft, I’ve never had strawberries like that before. I think I’ll be buying my fruit from farmers markets from now on. And the added granola made it taste even better. Not too sweet, not too grainy, just the perfect combination of sweet and nuttiness. It was the perfect dessert to my lunch. I’m beyond satisfied.


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