Organized Chaos

So I just hired a housekeeper. Mind you I live in a one bedroom apartment. I’m not a neat freak but I’m not a slob either. I know, I know. Such a small living space to hire a cleaning lady, I just really hate cleaning. My place really isn’t that messy or dirty, just clutter here and there and I just don’t clean as much as I should. I used to have a housekeeper a few years ago when I got sick, when I could barely take care of myself, let alone clean my apartment. I even had a dog walker for Mochi. It was that bad that I couldn’t even walk my own dog. Fast forward to now where everything is going good and I can’t complain about anything except that I don’t want to clean my apartment, I want someone to do it for me.

So the clutter really is just bills, my lunch bag, hand sanitizer, masks (clean pile and dirty pile), sweaters and jackets hanging on the chair, Mochi’s bath and beach towels that I never put away because when I need them, they are right there and my backpacks, for the same reason, easy to get too when I need them. It sounds like a lot, okay, it is a lot but it’s my organized chaos. I know where everything is. Everyone has that table or desk or something where they dump everything on, this is mine. I guess I’m going to have to clean it now since my housekeeper is coming on Sunday.

Same goes for my desk at work. Others may think my desk is messy filled with piles of paperwork everywhere, but I know where everything is. I stacked it that way for a reason. Again, my organized chaos. When someone asks me for something, I know exactly where it is. Sometimes, sooometimes, I clean my desk completely, but that only lasts for a couple of days until I start making piles again. That’s just how I am. I like my organized chaos.


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