Will I ever get over it?

So the past that I thought many times I had gotten over suddenly found it’s way back to remind me of what happened again…

Yesterday, my Whiskey Words and a Shovel calendar said this…

I couldn’t stop staring at the words printed on the page. Old feelings rushed through my mind over and over again bringing back the feelings that I thought I had many times finally let go of.

Will I ever get over it or will it always somehow, someway come back to haunt me and remind me even thought I try to erase from my memory?

It’s not something that I can easily get over. It comes and the feelings linger. For how long, I don’t know? I’ll get over it when I do. I guess you can never really get over something so traumatizing in your life that no matter how may times you think you have moved past it, there is always some residual feelings that get left behind. It still makes me cry. It still makes me mad. It still makes me wish that it never happened. But no matter how hard I try, I can never make it go away. The feelings will always be there. I just have to go through the motions and wait for it to pass. Until then I have to watch myself and my emotions so I don’t fall back into depression.


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