Mini Adventure: Murphy Ranch

So I have to catch up on writing about my mini adventures that I go on around the city and I think I started with this one… I think…

Anyway, I constantly look for places to hike or explore and I have a website that I go to that lists odd and out of the ordinary places. The first one I went to was Murphy Ranch. According to the website, it was at some point supposed to b a base for Nazi activities in the U.S. Now it is covered with graffiti. I have recently had a an interest in graffiti and street art so it peeked my interest and invited a friend to go along.

One weekend, Nate, his daughter and I finally decided to go. Getting to the bottom was the easy part. You climb down a bunch of stairs, I mean hundreds. So we trek down to the bottom of the mountain. Finding the little shack wasn’t hard at all. Once we got there, it was like, Yay, we found it! Climbed on top of the shack, took pictures. Went around the back and other areas and took more pictures. It was pretty cool seeing this place even with the graffiti all over the place.

Now to go back up the stairs and finish the hike. Of course it took us longer to get back up because I kept stopping. I didn’t have the stamina to just keep going up and up and up and not stop. It was never ending. But we got to see some other stuff along the way, so that was good. Well we made it to the top, obviously and went to go get some grub…

On to the next adventure…


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