a whole lotta random stuff

ok so this bloggers block has not left me and it’s a bit irritating… i have a bunch of stuff that i want to write down and wrote out full paragraphs and such in my head but when I get to here… i can’t seem to get the words out… so i’m gonna try it this way… I’ve said it before and i’ll continue to … Continue reading a whole lotta random stuff

life’s a… and chances are…

I haven’t been myself at all these days. Not saying that the robot with fried wires is me but in a way that is what I feel like. Dealing with a lot of things that are foreign to me. Still trying to figure out life but who isn’t? We live our lives thinking that we can solve/deal with everything that life will throw at us… … Continue reading life’s a… and chances are…


I’ve been here many times before but I’ve lost count. Each time is different, each time is worse, each time there is something new, and each time there is a skipped step. Falling faster, failing harder. As if I didn’t learn from the previous times. The demolished walls have almost turned to dust and trying to rebuild seems impossible. A new theme emerges out of … Continue reading lost

forgive yourself and let God love you

“forgive yourself and let God love you” Those words have been ringing in my ear since my pastor said them to me last night. He asked me how my personal life was going, as he would normally checking to make sure I was ok. With my recent encounters of life, being a pastor and knowing my history, I knew he wouldn’t judge me and I … Continue reading forgive yourself and let God love you

time to hit the pause and reset button

It’s been such a long time since I’ve gotten to sit down and enjoy an evening to myself… It’s been one crazy whirlwind of a week but I feel like it’s been longer than that. ¬†OKAY there are parts of life that always seem like it happened so fast that I’m still trying to catch up from everything that happened. Last weekend (Saturday) my brother … Continue reading time to hit the pause and reset button