a whole lotta random stuff

ok so this bloggers block has not left me and it’s a bit irritating… i have a bunch of stuff that i want to write down and wrote out full paragraphs and such in my head but when I get to here… i can’t seem to get the words out… so i’m gonna try it this way… I’ve said it before and i’ll continue to say it again and again… too many things happen all at once and yet again, that is how life is…  and on the flip side i still haven’t sorted out the jumbled mess in my head… hence the block?!?

May 26 – disney day 2 – so we went back for round two of disney fun, this time to cali adventure…i miss having my annual pass and going with my disneyland buddy (Jacky) almost every week. Now that she has her daughter, I have more reason to continue going… the only sad part is that I can’t join them on the weekdays… but anyhow, before we went, Jacky and I planned out what we would do, our day and what food we’d bring and this made me reminisce back to our disney days where we would stuff our backpacks with snacks and such, eat while walking or waiting in line… i mean we would bring tupperware of rice, sandwiches, candy, water, name the junk food we had it… everyone knows that disney is filled with line after line, then to even think about to get in line to get food… our problem was solved. California Adventure is always nice since its not as crowded as the main park and there are other things to do than ride rides. Arielle found a new friend at the animation studios and guess where that got us?!? A front of the line pass, free of charge to see Ana and Elsa and Olaf!!! I must say, that was the highlight of that disney trip!


June 2 – A big congratulations to my step-brother Joray, graduated from Saugus HS and got accepted to MIT!!!! SO so so very proud! Mr. Smarty Pants!

pets – so there has been all this talk about me finding a new home for my pets… i’ve been going through some things that make it hard for me to care for my pets right now and no i’m not using my social life as an excuse… yes my work schedule changed and i get home at different hours on different days… I do try to spend as much time with them as i can… being a previous pet owner of several different dogs throughout my life, loosing them, whichever way it may be, is never an easy topic. i love these guys and sometimes, no wait, they are the reason that i am still here… although i do see that i really do need to think long and hard about this… Like right now, I’m writing this and Mochi is bored so she finds her toys and starts playing on her own… not that I didn’t play with her earlier but she is cooped up in the house all day long while i’m at work… oye… lots of stuff to really think long and hard about…

IMG_6302on a good note for me – soccer games, beach days and eating fresh steamed crab and having a great company… i’m starting to get back into doing the things that i used to love before my depression decided to say good riddance to them… but at the same time i’m sure i didn’t fully let go of those things… having good company that enjoys them with you makes a big difference.

family – is family and they are there to support you even through your toughest times and I thank God that I have them on my side. I kept them out of a part of my life for a long time for a reason and yes I got used to dealing with things on my own… I don’t resent them for it at all, it was my own choice. Now, the ones that need to know, know, but now… i feel like i still should have kept it to myself, only because some of the reactions that i got i knew i was going to get. But besides that, i’ve gotten used to doing on my own that having them there and knowing is taking some getting used to… And now maybe I see it as God telling me that I need them for whatever reason it may be, maybe this is his answer to my prayers. The people he’s recently brought into my life is his answer to my prayers.



life’s a… and chances are…

I haven’t13119754_10209795170661698_3909736566166185526_o been myself at all these days. Not saying that the robot with fried wires is me but in a way that is what I feel like. Dealing with a lot of things that are foreign to me. Still trying to figure out life but who isn’t? We live our lives thinking that we can solve/deal with everything that life will throw at us… good and bad. But when we get to our wits end, pushed to the corner, run out of options to the point where things that you want to hide can’t help but spill out of you  to people that you thought you would never tell because you are afraid of what they might say before you even give them the chance to hear you out. Turns out it’s nothing but care and concern that comes from them. Still with all the chaos that I am going through, I still feel like I am truly blessed and that God still has not left my side and seems like he never will. Right now, hanging on to my faith and trusting God keeps me here.


On the lighter side of life… I’m set to go on vacation tomorrow night. Managed to pack a 10 day trip into a tiny carry on suitcase… and an army of medication to get through the trip to Peru! woohoo! It looks bad but I’m a preventative maintenance type of person considering I’ve been a sickly kid all my life. So… Altitude pills for the Machu Picchu portion of the trip. Antibiotics just incase I catch something. Another for tummy issues, OTC meds and a mini first aid kit, of course my inhaler. But never ever forget the playdoh for my inner child.

I will try to post while I am gone if I can. If not, see you in 10 days!



hey batter batter

Our church plays softball every year and has a tournament among the UMC churches around L.A. The first year I was with the church, I practiced with them but was on vacation during the tournament. Last year, I fell down the stairs and injured my leg so I couldn’t play at all. This year, softball season started early. We played yesterday and I managed came out unscathed! Got a few good hits and a few runs in! Okay, yes, I’m the only girl in the group, but the rule is they have to have at least one girl playing on the team. Our opponents had to do the same. But hey, at least I can keep up with the guys!13047738_10154749048283835_7983177702825201587_o

Mochi got a day at the park and I guess she had fun because every time I saw her, her coat turned more brown than the last! She loves to roll around on the floor. By the end of the game, she was covered in dirt… she wasn’t my white dog with brown ears anymore, she was a brown dog! But hey, as long as she had fun right! Gave her a much deserved long bath after we got home… took me longer to get her clean cuz of all the dirt she brought home but after cleaning up, we both decided to knock out early. All in a good days fun!

time to hit the pause and reset button

It’s been such a long time since I’ve gotten to sit down and enjoy an evening to myself… It’s been one crazy whirlwind of a week but I feel like it’s been longer than that.  OKAY there are parts of life that always seem like it happened so fast that I’m still trying to catch up from everything that happened.

Last weekend (Saturday) my brother flew in from Oklahoma. The rest of the day… I’m going to leave it at that…

Sunday we celebrated our parents birthdays. Happy Birthday MOM and DAD! So in one day, we had parent’s birthday lunch, then got me a new car! WOW, I have a new car?!? Apparently so! Oh and Happy Easter! Then meet up with friends to escape another room. Do I remember what happened after that? Obviously I went home… I guess I went to sleep…

So Monday rolls around… went to work… after work Drove to Valencia to finalize car stuff. Stop by mom’s house to get food for the week. Stop by friend’s house in Sunland to pick up my snow board that he’s been holding for a few years… I do plan to sell it soon.

Tuesday – Work as usual. After work, rush home, walk Mochi, feed the pets (I think I did or maybe after I got back home?) Rush to church for piano lesson. Rush through lesson and go to meet up with the rest of the gang to get RAMEN!!!


Wednesday – (Side note… I’m starting to forget everything that happened last week?) Oh I remember now, I had dinner with my mom at Benihana for her birthday coupon. We had a great evening of just talking and enjoying good food.

Thursday was… I’m going to leave it at that.

Friday was a much needed time back to bible study after a long break.  When I got to church, knocked out on the couch, didn’t realize I did. Woke up, ate really quick, then bible study. Getting back to my normal schedule feels nice.

Saturday – Slept in after a minor anxiety attack the night before. Mochi had a doggie play date with Kory. Susanna and I had a nice long talk and had a really good breakfast. Went home and napped then off to church for praise practice. I always look forward to these days. Had dinner, watched Superman vs. Batman… left the movie early not cuz I didn’t like it but ended up with a another anxiety attack and went home and slept it off.

Back to Sunday. Normal Sunday service with two really good messages from two services. Had lunch, chilled with friends at church, went home and napped, walked Mochi, gave her a bath, cooked dinner after a month or more of eating out. And now relaxing on the couch watching Friends.

With everything that happened, remembering that God is always on my side is something that I always have to remember no matter how good or bad things might be. There are always times when things go so well or on the flip side that things are going so bad or out of control that I forget to thank God or to even ask for help. Regardless, I said a truly heartfelt prayer that I haven’t done in a long time and God did not hesitate to respond and help me. As many times as I have forgotten God, he will never forget me. And for that I am blessed! Thank You God!

Hopefully this month will be a time of focusing on God and a lot getting life back to a normal pace.

rewind and fast forward

So I haven’t been able to write as much as I wanted to… but that’s what happens when you have a crazy schedule and a crazy big family… it’s ok I love em and it makes life fun


One, Two, Punch of a weekend – two weeks ago – first it was my grandma’s 84th birthday party. Had fun making pom poms from scratch… luckily my cats and dog didn’t tear them apart. We have 4 generations going right now and she is the rock of the family. The following day was my god daughter’s 3rd birthday party! Birthday party at the park. Perfect day, no rain, another day of eating such good food! An11951493_10209283178582216_2110444296085262773_od to top it all off, the third day was my god daughter’s actual birthday so we went to DISNEYLAND!!! It was crowded for a Monday but there were several events going on. There were radio stations from all over the place broadcasting live. But regardless, we had fun! And And And, do you remember the “Electrical Parade” waaaay back when? and they took it out… but but but… now they have what’s called “Paint the Night”Parade. They brought it baaaaacccckkk!!! THE ELECTRICAL PARADE IS BAAAACCCKKKK!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! yes I have turned into a little girl (squeal)… but but but the memories!!!

I took soooo many pictures in one weekend I ended up getting a good workout on my arms. 😛

Fast Forward

So went back to work on Tuesday… and I ended up getting food poisoning Wednesday night. Okay. So I’ve gotten food poisoning before but I’ve never had it this bad… Severe stomach pains, I couldn’t even stand up straight. Violent vomiting… Fever and chills and everything else associated with food poisoning. Was still really sick for the next couple of days… coworkers said I looked pale, couldn’t function at all… Had to go home both days (Thursday and Friday). Mochi was a trooper and was kind enough to keep me warm and slept next to me. I Finally started feeling better (or so I thought) on Saturday so I decided to be girly and get my nails done and minor shopping… a nice treat after being sick for 5 days. Sunday comes around and I’m doing my normal sound tech stuff at church and one time I ran into, or at least tried to get into the sound booth in a hurry, I tripped and tweaked my ankle… HAHA nice way to top off this sickly week right?!?! That’s a clumsy girl for ya!

And now back to 100% normal I think considering I had a poke bowl for dinner.

friends that are not just friends

we get waves of people who walk in and out of our lives pretty much on a daily basis… and you get the ones that stick around… i’m talking pretty much you can’t get rid of them no matter how hard you try… not that i would… but the memories of the good, the bad, and the ugliness of life, we know each other inside and out.


one who can feel the urgency of a matter through a text (lives in Canada) and still iron out the chaos going through my mind… and not see each other for a year minimum but when we do meet up its soooo much fun chaos that we bring to world. we could be screaming talking and still understand each other… I MISS YOU!


IMG_1617and the other who has always been a shoulder to cry on, encourager, one who’s seen me in every different situation that i normally wouldn’t easily reveal to others and at the same time enjoy the good things in life and learn from each other… monthly, maybe now 2x a month sushi and sake nights and throw in learning to play songs together… violin and piano… lets see how we do


I love you guys and I don’t know what I would do without you!