Work Attire

When I first got into the working world, the dress code at my first job was business casual. I had nice button down shirts and blouses with jeans and wore boots with them. I must say I like the business casual look. Over the years and switching jobs, the dress code went down to casual so it was just jeans and a t-shirt with sneakers and that was it. Don’t get me wrong, that is my favorite type of outfit.

Today I decided to dress up a little for work. We don’t have a dress code, just casual. I’m normally a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl or sweaters with sneakers. Lately I’ve been feeling like I wear the same thing over and over week after week. Over the holidays I did a bit of shopping and got myself a new pair of boots. With all the nice blouses I’ve had from the previous years, I wanted to change it up a bit. I put on a rust color blouse, dark jeans, and my new boots and get to work.

I guess my coworkers are used to me in the casual clothes, it’s rare that I ever dress up, only at our holiday parties. My one coworker asks me “Are you going out to lunch?” I said no and she says “you look nice today.” Of course I thank her and I told her that I just felt like dressing up today. Going out to lunch, my boss asks me “Got a hot date?” I said no, I wanted to wear my new boots. “Oh, new boots. Okay.” Other coworkers gave me compliments as well.

Well now that I’ve got my boots, I can wear all my business casual clothes collecting dust in my closet. The only thing now is to break these boots in. It is only the second time I’ve worn them and my feet hurt already. And on a side note, I’ve started working out again so all my other clothes should fit me better soon. Yay!


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