hey batter batter

Our church plays softball every year and has a tournament among the UMC churches around L.A. The first year I was with the church, I practiced with them but was on vacation during the tournament. Last year, I fell down the stairs and injured my leg so I couldn’t play at all. This year, softball season started early. We played yesterday and I managed came out unscathed! Got a few good hits and a few runs in! Okay, yes, I’m the only girl in the group, but the rule is they have to have at least one girl playing on the team. Our opponents had to do the same. But hey, at least I can keep up with the guys!13047738_10154749048283835_7983177702825201587_o

Mochi got a day at the park and I guess she had fun because every time I saw her, her coat turned more brown than the last! She loves to roll around on the floor. By the end of the game, she was covered in dirt… she wasn’t my white dog with brown ears anymore, she was a brown dog! But hey, as long as she had fun right! Gave her a much deserved long bath after we got home… took me longer to get her clean cuz of all the dirt she brought home but after cleaning up, we both decided to knock out early. All in a good days fun!


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