Piano Lessons

So I get piano lessons at church every week with Pastor Oh. Tonight’s lesson, continue with “Bless the Lord (10,000 Reasons)”. Apparently I’ve chosen a rather complicated piece to learn as a beginner. I can manage through the most difficult parts of the song but can’t seem to get the simplest parts. Hahaha Give me a challenge, BRING IT ON!!! and get it on the first or second try. Something on the norm or I should say easy… I practice and practice and keep practicing. Why can’t ​I get past the easy parts!!! HELP!
As we are practicing now on the grand piano in the main sanctuary, it sounds very different from home since I am borrowing a friend’s keyboard. But the funny part is since I can actually see the strings of the piano and it is quite distracting as I’m trying to play my song. Every time I push keys and see this weird thing pop up, I’m like ok, what is that? Then my eyes focus on the weird thing hitting the strings rather than the notes on the page and lose my place and have to find it and start all over?! (smirk) sheesh!

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