Everything Considered Pets?

For pet owners… or maybe it might just be me.

Piano Lessons at church… We started using the grand piano in the main sanctuary since technically I’m supposed to play during one of the services as a trade off for the lessons. The grand piano has a smaller stand than the one in the choir room. So I start putting my music sheets up and since they are single sheets and not in a binder or anything and i’ve been working on this song for some time now, the sheets are really flimsy. I put one or two up and one falls… so i talk to the sheet “STAY” and hold my hands up as if I was talking to Mochi. Pastor Oh makes a comment “are you talking to your music sheets as if it was one of your pets?” I said yes and then I realized that I actually do that to more than just my music sheets. haha Evidence of a pet owner… haha And I do it quite often too… haha probably more than I should. but its ok. It’s part of the whole me talking to myself or my stuff…


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