Puzzle/Escape Room #1 and 2

Okay so I like puzzles, meaning jigsaw puzzles and I can do them for hours. Now, trying to find clues and find your way out of a room, that’s a whole other story. Yes it is fun. Yes it is scary, and yes it is nerve racking!

#1 – Locked in a room, find clues, open boxes, find keys and someone has to crawl through a small shaft not knowing what’s on the other side… dun dun dun… okay who gets to crawl through?!? Someone volunteer and myself and other guy stay behind… next thing I know, I hear a scream and my friend is gone and not responding to whatever I say…. OH MY GOSH!! Where’d you go?! are you ok?! say something!!! He came back and we did manage to escape with 1:57 left on the clock…

#2 – Different situation, more clues, locks, solve a mystery… You think you’re getting somewhere then you walk into a room not knowing what to expect and the first thing you see is a dead guy! Aaaahhhh!!! Like real freaked out scared scream that scares the rest of your group and maybe made them lose their train of thought! But thats why you got the other two to help get you back on track. We managed to escape in time. I don’t know how much time we had left but the point is, we escaped/solved the puzzle. PHHHEWWW!!!

Sign me up for the next one… am I a glutton for punishment in scaring myself or this is just plain fun!


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