Food Cravings by Accident

I love food. when I have a craving, I have a craving. Walked into Corner Bakery to grab a sandwich and the first thing I see in their bakery case is chocolate bundt cakes with no icing!!! I ask the cashier and she was like we don’t sell those cuz they’re not iced yet. So I ask If they have any that doesn’t have icing and she came out with mini ones! SCORE!!! gave me 3 mini ones for the price of 1. OK I’m happy. time to eat.

On the same note, I’m a multi tasker… I usually eat and do someth
ing else so my lunch sometimes becomes 2 hours instead of 1. Or sometimes when I’m talking to someone, that someone has to remind me to take a bite in between breaths… I’m not one to talk a lot so when I do say something, I have a lot to say… sorry (lunge back in a kind of apologizing way??) But I did only go to lunch for an hour. I’m being good…

Random Stranger – So12792113_10209165188232531_7347170844335749195_o I have a new MacBook and decided to put some decals on it… one of my favorite disney moves of all time is Lilo and Stitch. I found a decal on Amazon that had stitch and say the Ohana phrase… and I found a Baymax one too. (smile from ear to ear and squeal like a little girl because its sooo cute!) Anyway, back to my story, a random guy saw my decals on my computer and asked where I got em from. I think he’s gonna get it for his wife as a gift. So Sweet!


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