Hopeless Romantic Part 3: Will I ever be the first choice?

So it’s a given in this dating world, that when you meet someone, there is a good possibility that they have been dating or will be dating more than one person at a time. You meet someone. It goes great in the beginning. You go on a couple dates, you talk a lot and so on. Then after some time, there is the excuse of “I don’t know if I can hang out this weekend, it depends on what my family does.” Code for “I’m waiting to go on another date with another person.” And then you notice all the other signs like “Hey, I was just in the area. Do you want to grab a bite?” And “This is my last minute attempt to come see you.” Mind you it’s 9 o’clock at night on a Sunday. And I haven’t spoken to you all weekend. Really dude?!? I get it. You only want to see me when it’s convenient for you and when you don’t have any other dates to go on. Sorry dude, I’m not falling for it. The sad part is I really liked you. And sadly this has happened to me several times. I’m always on the back burner. Will I ever be the first choice?

The dating world has really changed. These days guys can have a really decent girl by their side but they are constantly wanting something better. But I think the same goes for women. Why can’t it be like before where people actually fought for relationships to work out. Or is that a myth? Where are the days where relationships lasted more than a few weeks, if that is even called a relationship. Yet I keep putting myself out there time and time again. I guess I still want to find my prince charming and still want my fairy tale ending to come true. Especially when I had a dream where someone proposed to me the way I had always imagined. I’m still the same hopeless romantic girl from however many years ago, when I first started in this online dating thing. And so I keep going with the online dating. At least I’m having better luck this time around and not running into the weird psycho guys like before. That gives me a little bit of hope. Here’s to finding prince charming.

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